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Suffering from Pain,
Depression, Anxiety or Insomnia?
Alpha-Stim® can provide relief!
=FDA Cleared for treatment of pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia
=Alpha-Stim ® is shown clinically effective in over 100 research studies
=Used by the US Department of Defense and Veterans Administration

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Alpha-Stim 100 Microcurrent Stimulator (MET & CES)
Price: $995.00
Alpha-Stim 100 Microcurrent Stimulator (MET & CES)
Alpha-Stim 100 is drug-free and effectively treats pain, depression, anxiety, stress and Insomnia usuing ear clp electrodes, electrode patches and electrode probes. FDA Cleared. User manual DVD included.
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Alpha-Stim® Stress SCS Stress Control System
Price: $595.00
Alpha-Stim® Stress SCS Stress Control System
Alpha-Stim Stress Control System (SCS) is FDA cleared and effectively treats anxiety, depression, Insomnia and stress related disorders.
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What is Alpha-Stim®?
Alpha-Stim ® is a drug-free, FDA Cleared Class II medical device for the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.  It sends a mild, low-frequency, adjustable electrical current to a specific area of pain in the body (back, knee)  using Alpha-Stim ® electrodes or probes or to the brain using Alpha-Stim® electrode ear clips. Ear clips electrodes are used to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress-related disorders and generalized pain.  "Treating the brain" using Alpha-Stim® ear clips after treatment of pain in a specific body area with Alpha-Stim ® electrodes or probes increases the pain relief that you get from an Alpha-Stim® treatment. Click here for Alpha-Stim and You Brochure 
How does Alpha-Stim® work? 
Electrical activity is essential for normal functioning of every cell in the human body. When a cell is injured, toxins and excess fluids collect in the cell and the electrical charges necessary for proper functioning of the cell are disrupted. Alpha-Stim’s ® proprietary electrical waveform works by moving electrons through the cells of the body and brain at a variety of frequencies. This process normalizes the electrical activity of the nervous system and brain as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) and enables injured or inflammed cells to expell toxins and excess fluids and to start working effectively again. Alpha-Stim ® Results at a Glance  presents the outcomes of research that examined the effectiveness of Alpha-Stim ®. Clearly, the research shows that Alpha-Stim® is very effective for pain relief, depression relief, anxiety relief and insomnia relief as well as an effective treatment for many other conditions and disorders.
Why is Alpha-Stim® More Effective?
Alpha-Stim® is more effective for treating pain because it uses the application of direct electrical treatment to the brain (CES using ear clips), along with our Alpha-Stim® treatment protocols for treatment of specific pain (MET using electrodes or probes). The Alpha-Stim® technology provides better pain relief than other devices and more effective depression relief, anxiety relief and insomnia relief.  No other device has been able to emulate this Alpha-Stim® difference. Further, Alpha-Stim ® cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) technology is more cost-effective and more clinically effective in producing the desired antidepression effects than antidepression medications.
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